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Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria and grade weighting for the award are as follows:

Criteria Title

Criteria Content

Contribution to overall score (%)

Description of Objective, Originality, and Innovation

  • Projects must be original and innovative and they must be based on scientific research.
  • If the project was submitted previously, it must considers the issue and resolve it with a different approach.
  • The project objectives must be measurable, attainable, and realistic for resolving the issue.




Social Aspect, Value Added


  • The project must benefit the society in terms of balanced diet and healthy living.




Experimental Techniques and Methodology

  • The project correctly applies appropriate problem-solving techniques with supporting evidence.
  • The project includes an implementation plan.
  • The project includes an assessment of the potential risks of the solution.




Obtained Results

  • The project results are relevant to the solution of the issue.
  • The project explains discrepancies between the planned objectives and actual results.





Standardization and Dissemination


  • The project is suitable for cooperation with similar organizations.
  • The project results can be standardized.
  • The project results can lead to the formation of new ideas with strong prospects.
  • Patent application, existance of academic publications.






The above criteria are designed to be used during evaluation by the Selection Committee.
After online evaluation, 5 projects will be selected and voted by the jury.
The voting process will use the methods of secret ballot, secret identity, and open count.