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The winner of the Sabri Ülker Science Award 2014
Prof.Dr. Gülay Bayramoğlu talked about her project

Prof. Gülay Bayramoğlu, winner of the Sabri Ülker Science Award in 2014, answered some of Platin's questions while emphasizing the need to support scientific institutions

Which fields does your research focus on?
My research is mainly focused on topics within the physicochemistry and biochemistry fields. The outline of our research can be summarized as follows:

My research is mainly focused on topics within the physicochemistry and biochemistry fields. The outline of our research can be summarized as follows:

Prevention of the corrosion of metals and alloys used in biomedicine;

Preparation of bio-friendly materials made of natural and synthetic polymers to be used in biomedicine, and the utilization of these materials in prostheses, controlled drug delivery systems, and the preparation of stem cell cultures;

In the environmental biotechnology field, the preparation and application of new-generation magnetic-based materials with high adsorption capacity, to be utilized in the elimination of inorganic and organic wastes;

Preparation of chromatographic supplements immobilized with natural and synthetic ligands and the utilization of blood proteins (albumin and antibodies) in the purification of enzymes and precious chemicals;

Immobilization of live cells and enzymes to suitable supporting surfaces, the synthesis of precious chemicals in continuous and batch bioreactors, and the purification of organic waste by biological means;

Design and implementation of bio-sensors through nano-biotechnological methods to be used in medical, environmental and food technologies;

Design of materials with magnetic properties in various geometric forms (globe, film, rod) and the utilization of such materials in the fields described above. In addition, among my research projects is the synthesis of materials made of bio-compatible synthetic and natural polymers with various geometrical shapes and surface characteristics that are sensitive to temperature and pH using various polymerization technologies, to be used in soft tissue implants and medical and bio-technology applications in the aforementioned fields.

What do you suggest should be done to raise the bar in science?
Determining primary areas for development in the scientific research and technology fields in a way that can keep up with the continuously-changing global science and technology policies is a prerequisite. Therefore, I believe we need to increase the number of centers that monitor global developments in line with the nation's resources and needs. Then, we need to make sure that future generations are trained and well-equipped.

Young people with outstanding achievements in education should be trained in an educational system that will equip them with a better foundation. I truly believe that by providing all available resources and support needed to achieve a solid academic background and raising individuals with self-confidence will lead to innovative, creative ideas and solutions that will enable Turkey to be more successful in scientific fields across the globe. Newly-emerging scientific research in areas such as biotechnology and genetic technology, material technologies, nanotechnology, and design technologies are top-priority; but I think they are sufficiently appealing and attractive to younger students.

Platin - June 2014

The Project of Prof.Dr. Gülay Bayramoglu - the Winner of Sabri Ülker Science Award 2014
Development of sensor systems based on antibody and aptamer by using nanotechnological techniques: Fast deterimation of pathogen in food samples